Anonymous asked:

You're a fucking idiot. Ferguson is a big deal and there will be another civil war if these fuck ass racist cops stay in power. We will have the war with Isis and a war here. Get YOUR head out of your ass and realize it.

I said Ferguson was a big deal. At least twice. And we aren’t having another civil war relax.

Some incredible stuff going on in the past 72 hours or so. First we have ISIS executing an American journalist, James Foley, by beheading him and putting it on camera saying no American, soldier or civilian, is safe and promised more deaths just like this one. Fucking animals.

Yet, our own politicians, mostly the politically correct liberals, have handicapped our own troops by putting absurd rules of engagement over them.

I finished the book Lone Survivor last week (if you haven’t read it I highly recommend it) and this story, told by Navy SEAL and American hero Marcus Luttrell, really shows the consequences these restraints hold. He and his three teammates let 3 “goat herders” go free after they compromised their mission in the Afghan mountains. Everything the military taught them told them to eliminate those threes men so they could complete their mission and get out alive. The problem is, those “goat herders” were unarmed. The left wing media (hi CNN) would get a hold of this story via the terrorists in the Middle East, and charge all four SEALs with murder. That’s 20 years in prison. Quite the system eh? So in fear of that penalty, the SEALs took a chance and let the “goat herders” go. They immediately alerted the Taliban, who then killed Marcus’ 3 teammates and shot down a helicopter full of Navy SEALs resulting in the most devastating loss in USA Special Forces history.

Why am I bringing this up? Because for whatever reason we created a set of rules for fucking WAR on our own military! And it’s costing us the lives of Americans. The point is they don’t play by those rules. They’ll behead an unarmed American father and husband trying to do his job as a journalist, but our highly trained military can’t make a judgement call that could, and most likely would save their lives, on the enemy. News flash, ITS WAR. Bad shit happens! The wrong people die sometimes. Innocent lives are lost and it sucks. But it’s war. There is no fighting fair. There are no rules. So why are we over there handicapping ourselves by playing by rules our enemy is clearly is not following?

Now today we have acknowledged that there is a large ISIS group right here in America, most likely in the Deep South. So gear up for another horrible attack on American soil.

What really kills me about this is that all the news coverage is still on Ferguson. Yes it’s awful what happened there. Yes there should still be coverage. BUT WE HAVE A VERY DANGEROUS TERRORIST GROUP LIVING IN OUR BACK YARD. Can we pull our heads out of our asses and maybe educate people on that instead of a kid who was shot by a cop (again, it’s awful but let’s get our priorities straight)?

Maybe instead of sending in the National Guard and putting so much focus on the protests in Ferguson (what exactly are they protesting again?), we can shift our attention to the God damn terrorist group killing American civilians who are inside our boarders!

Sometimes I really hate how this country works. I especially hate the youth on social media who act like they give a damn about something they know nothing about and ignore the bigger issues.

Open your eyes.