Pay Lester

What the Red Sox are doing right now makes my blood boil. Lester is scratched from his start tomorrow with all signs pointing to him being traded. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING?! Jon Lester has gone through it all with this organization. When they bought the franchise he was their first draft pick for God’s sake. He climbed through the farm system, was diagnosed, fraught, and beat cancer with Red Sox Nation with him every step of the way. He has 2 championships with us. He’s durable, he’s lights out in big games, he owned up for the whole chicken and beer bullshit and got back on track. He’s one of the best pitchers in the MLB. He keeps his mouth shut. He’s a leader and an excellent role model. What does that get you as a Boston Red Sock? An insulting contract offer followed by an almost imminent trade. “Hey Job we know you’ve done everything right and we know you love it here and said they’d have to rip the jersey off my back to get me out of here and, well, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Good luck.” Fuck you John Henry. Fuck you Larry Lucchino. Fuck you Tom Warner. You guys have your heads so far up your asses your breath smells like shit. Way to fuck up this season even more than it’s already fucked.